Back-Up Your Data

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This is your warning. Your data, be it text, pictures, spread sheets, videos, music, are all stored as electronic bits on a device. Your precious data can be gone in an instant. I’m not telling you this to scare you. Well, yes I am trying to scare you.

If it’s important to you, then make a back-up copy. If it’s your business, make two back-ups, one local and one off-site.

Not a day goes by that I don’t hear someone tell me their computer has crashed and they have no back-up or they have not backed up in a while. Which is the same as no back-ups.

Many things can happen; power surge, device failure, software glitch, and worst of all, oops – user error. Your data can go missing and data recovery can be very expensive. In the case of device failure, it may be impossible.

There are several realistic methods for backing up data. The best backup method for your data depends upon many factors, including: the importance of the data, the amount of data to be backed up, and the funds available for backup. Here are some of the most commonly used data backup solutions.

Flash Memory

Flash memory, also known as memory sticks, flash drives, or thumb drives, are a suitable solution for data backup. Flash memory drives are easy to plug into any PC with a USB port. These drives offer unlimited rewrite capabilities and are available in large enough capacities to backup your entire computer. Flash memory data durability is estimated to be roughly 10 years. Another advantage of flash memory is that data stored on flash drives is not susceptible to damage caused by magnets.

DVD Backup

Not used too much anymore, but still available. DVD backup is a practical alternative for home users and small businesses. DVD technologies include DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RAM, as well as dual layer DVD technologies. Single-layer DVD’s can hold up to 4.7 GB of data and dual-layer DVD’s can hold up to 8.5 GB. DVD technology is a suitable option for storing backup data medium amounts of backup data

Hard Drives

As the prices of hard drives are dropping each year, individuals and businesses are turning to external hard drives as a backup option. Copying and retrieving data from separate hard drives is very easy. The primary disadvantages are cost and the worry that a malware attack which affects the primary hard drives could also effect the backup hard drives.

Cloud Storage

Online storage is one of the newest methods of storing your files, of course backup data also. Online storage solutions enable people to upload their data to a reliable server located in a secure environment. Another advantage of storing files online is that users can access these files from any location as long as they have a computer with Internet access.

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